Ideas For Organizing Family Reunions

The computer has actually made our lives a whole lot more convenient, I mean before the internet it wasn't possible to book cinema tickets without actually turning up! And anyway what else would you blame when something goes wrong? Your computer has no feelings!

The computer was pretty boring until somebody invented the internet, the internet used to be occupied primarily by geeks, hey I'm allowed I was one of them! But now everybody who is anybody is using the internet to do something or another.

Researching your family tree used to be very difficult, you used to have to visit all of the churches and government offices to look at some paperwork. However now it's really easy thanks to the internet. Many people all around the world are hooked on hunting for their ancestors.

If you're reading this then I'll bet you're looking for your happy ever after ending too! You probably dream of finding a long lost family member, or just talking to someone that you haven't spoken to in years.

If you're planning a family reunion then it can seem like a frightening task and you may look at hiring a family reunion planner to help you decide everything. Of course whether or not you hire a reunion planner is completely up to you.

The tips below can help you to plan your family reunion.

You should by now have a rough idea how many people are coming to the event. We all know that the more people that attend an event, the more difficult it is to organize. This is why you should form a committee, this committee should have about 1 person per 25 guests. You can be in control and delegate out the tasks. The great bit is you can give other people the tasks that you hate doing!

You have to tell people that you're planning to have a family reunion. No matter how close a family is they are not capable of communicating with telepathy. Even building a website is not enough, how many people would search for family reunions to go to on the internet? You have to tell people!

You should tell people that you are planning a reunion well before the actual event, you don't have to give them all of the details, just a date will do for now. They can then keep this date free, plus you can get an idea of how many people will go. Some people suggest that you should plan the reunion events a year before they are scheduled.

You should allocate enough time for organizing what you plan. You might have to make special requests for catering, or simply to visit somewhere special. Make sure that everybody is on the same page, you don't want two people ordering the same thing!

You should use a planner to organize your reunion event, this should contain a time line showing reminders, and scheduling meetings. A meal planner, and reunion requirements lists are also very important parts of any reunion planner.

It can be difficult to get money to fund your reunion event, it's always difficult to find out how many people will want to come to the event. The best advice is to plan the event as early as possible that has lots of fun events for the whole family to enjoy.

A great idea is to have an auction and auction off some prized family heirlooms to other family members! Make sure you do this in the middle of the party though, if you do it at the end it's likely everybody will be too tired.

If you want to make some money to fund your event, then why not consider having a rummage sale, collect lots of CD's and DVD's, everybody will love looking through all of these.

As long as you put enough time aside to plan your reunion event it doesn't have to be such a scary task. A family reunion can be fun for everybody, even you!

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Why A Cruise Is Such A Great Value, What’s Included And What’s Not?

Cruising is about nothing if it's not about having choices: sleeping in from a late night disco party or savoring a cup of latte as the sun rises over your balcony; dressing up for a formal night or lacing up for a run around an inline skating track. And every cruise line out there is competing for your attention, doing everything thing they can to lure you onboard.

You can have the vacation of a lifetime, see the world, completely unwind, take a walk on the wild side, dance the night away, feast on fabulous cuisine, learn something new, make friends, bond with your family, and steal quiet moments with your spouse. Whatever your heart desires, is yours, when you choose to cruise.

Cruising offers the best travel buy you can get for your money. It includes your meals, your cabin, you're out onboard activities, nighttime parties and all sponsored entertainment. Each ship is a complete resort and destination unto itself.

Cruise ships and holidays are a natural match: Both are in the good-times business. And when you sail during the holiday season you get the fun of built-in parties and feast-quality meals plus someone else to cook them, someone else to do the decorating and entertaining, and someone else to clean up the mess afterward. The only thing they don't do is write out your Christmas cards.

A cruise vacation removes 90% of the hassle of a land-based vacation. Your ship is your floating hotel, restaurant, resort, nightclub, tour office, and health club. You spend time enjoying your vacation, not waiting in hotel or rental car check-in lines.

On a traditional Vacation, the Family is pretty much stuck together, on a Cruise they are not. Each individual can pursue his or her interests and rejoin the Family at some prearranged time. Cruising is wonderful for Family Reunions because there is something for each generation to enjoy.

Expect to be pampered, massaged, and stuffed with culinary delights. Expect your imagination to wander, thinking of the ships of old. Expect to feel incredibly relaxed, exhilarated, caressed by sun, sand and wind; expect the unexpected. In short....RELAX and ENJOY!

Whether it’s a small family of 10 or a large group of 100, a cruise ship may be the best place for a reunion. Family reunion members seek accommodations they can use as a base for dining, sightseeing and socializing together. They want good children's programs, entertainment and activities. But they also want to make sure everyone in the group has personal time to pursue their own interests.

You are generally going to know what the cost of your vacation well be before you go. Your extra costs will be shore excursions, cocktails, spa treatments, beauty shop and casino gambling.

You can look at it as a prepaid vacation with extras of your choosing. Knowing what's included and what's not included allows you to budget your vacation spending more closely.

The cost of your cruise will depend on your choice of accommodations. These accommodations range from an inside Stateroom to a Suite with a Private Balcony overlooking the sea. Each Stateroom includes two twin beds or queen-size bed, bathroom, shower, TV and makeup table/desk.

When comparing the price of a cruise vacation versus a land-based holiday, consider that transportation, hotel, meals, entertainment and most activities are included. Even an all-inclusive land resort package can not top that (it doesn't go anywhere).

Cruising is the best way to experience a number of destinations that you may want to revisit for a longer period of time later.

Today's ships offer rock climbing, basketball, video arcades, swimming pools, spas, huge gyms with yoga and spinning classes, an indoor ice-skating rink and, yes, even mini-golf.

Remember, you only unpack once, no matter how many ports of call you visit. No checking in, or checking out and no running to make plane connections in order to get the next port. You'll be sleeping while the ship takes you to a new destination. Fall asleep in one place and awake to a new one and you’re already unpacked.

All your movies, shows and lounge entertainment are included.

You already have a seat at the best restaurant in town.

You have many choices for shopping, touring, entertainment and sports activities.

Cruise travel is for everyone who wants to have the best possible vacation at the best possible price.

Choose to cruise for CUISINE. Tantalize your taste buds with gourmet fare that showcases exotic ingredients, old standbys like pizza and ice cream or spa cuisine for a healthy alternative. Depending on your mood, dine in a traditional ballroom setting, a small bistro or a casual eatery.

Carbohydrate Counter Menus are the latest rage among the Cruise Lines.

Don't forget the 24-hour room service, which is also free.

Here’s a cruise tip: Choose to cruise for ROMANCE. Secluded beaches, in suite dining on a balcony overlooking the ocean and spa services for two are just some of the romantic pursuits available.

In many cruise reviews, cruising routinely earned the highest ratings in customer satisfaction among all vacation categories.

When you try cruising for the first time, you will be hooked. The one major complaint the Cruise lines hear over and over again, is that cruises end far too soon!

What's not included in your cruise?

Typically those items and services there are of a personal nature are extra. Most alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, the salon services, shore excursions, shipboard gift and sundries purchases, Internet usage, long-distance phone calls, tips, casino gaming and your transportation to and from your cruise, are extra cost.

So what are you waiting for? Set Sail!

Happy Cruising!

By: Mary Hanna

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