Some Family Reunion Ideas to Consider If You Are Determined to Succeed With the Occasion

A family reunion generally takes place every year. However, some families opt to hold one every other year or every several years. Regardless of when a family gathering occurs, it is thoughtful, considerate and respectful to attend. It is always a nice thing to catch up with relatives that you do not see all the time. A reunion can be overwhelming if not planned right. A successful reunion starts with a meeting. It is important to build a communication bridge and have everyone on the same page.

Families span across generations and are bound by different things. They have certain rules and limits that they follow. You will need to respect that and ensure that everyone has enough room to enjoy themselves at the same time. Here are some important family reunion ideas you should consider if you are determined to succeed with the occasion.

1. One person should not be saddled with all the work. Whether he or she is willing to take it all on is not the issue. It is a good idea to create a number of committees and designate one person to oversee each committee.

2. If adults must drink alcohol, serve it sparingly. Monitor those who are drinking to avoid any embarrassment or drunken brawls. It helps to outline the alcohol rules and tell adults not to take more than 2-3 glasses.

3. Family gossip can hardly be avoided. It is hard to avoid not talking about Uncle Derek, if he shows up without his wife. What about if Sabrina shows up with dyed hair, tattoos and multiple piercings? Such issues or concerns should not be discussed at a family reunion. Every family problem or concern need not be shared. A family gathering is a period to be loved and not for backstabbing people. Never make anyone feel like an outcast or societal reject.

4. Do not talk about religion, politics or sex at a reunion. It is inappropriate in some quarters and it can spark off some volatile emotions in others. A family reunion is all about coming under one banner of togetherness. It is not about taking political sides, ridiculing sexual preferences or picking holes in a particular religion. Everyone coming to a reunion needs to be accepted and respected.

5. As the saying goes the more the merrier. Therefore, do not throw a fit when some unexpected relatives show up. Get with the program and try not to dampen the lively atmosphere with any tantrums or bad behavior. Never let your exasperation show. Be gracious and extend open arms to everybody that comes around.

6. Learn to grow thick skin because things will not always go exactly as planned. Some people will show up with an attitude. Some will not show up at all. Others may think they are royalty and want preferential treatment. Despite these shortcomings, suck it all up and walk around with a smile slapped on your face. A positive attitude always wins over a rotten one any day.

Family reunions can be great or awful. It all depends on if you are determined to make things work despite all odds. Implementation of these family reunion ideas will assist you in making your event a big hit. Ensure that the love, communication and affection that is extended does not end with the reunion. Keep in touch any way that you can and send complimentary cards to everyone who attended.

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